How are Van Alstine tube preamps?

I am curious to see what people have to say about Van Alstine tube preamps, in particular the Super Pas 3i and Super Pas 4i. I am considering either of these, so any comments would be appreciated. Thanks, Eric
Hello: I have had a 4i for about the last 3 years. Built it from a kit and AVA checked it out for free. In the mean time I have had a CJ PV-10AL, Golden Tube SEP-1 and a Audible E 3A. The AVA is still with me and the others are gone. IMHO the CJ was the closest. Forget about all those mega buck preamps and find a 4i. You will not be sorry. Its a real giant killer and with a tube phono section to boot. For the $$$ it's a hard one to beat. Sensible Sound has had it on their Sensible Choice list in some configuration for a number if years. Stereophile may not like it because it doesn't cost enough.
Here is my system. I just basically wanted to know how the build quality and sound is. If this helps you out, here you go. Thanks AMC 1100 preamp (replacing this) AMC 2100 amp Pioneer DV-414 DVD/CD Sony MDS-JE510 MD Musical Fidelity X-Act dac Magnepan MMG or Paradigm Mini Monitor (used for college) Paradigm PDR-10 subwoofer Monster M-550i interconnects Transparent coax digital Audioquest OPT-1 toslonk digital Audioquest Crystal II speaker cable I know the sources aren't great, but I do notice a improvment with the dac in place. My problem is that the Paradigms especially are a little bright, and I really like tube sound overall anyway. Thanks
Have had about all of them over the years. Original Super Pas(friend has Super Pas with buffers) Transcendence, 4i & Fet Valve. I get better sound from SCE Harmonic Recovery System than any of these.