How are you getting your surround sound?

I haven't paid attention to home theater in a long time so forgive me if this is a silly question. Is everyone still popping in a Blu-Ray disc to watch a movie if you're wanting to experience the latest in surround sound like Dolby Atmos, DTS, etc.? What are the ways you can get movies now with full audio formats encoded?

Movies that are available in 4K are streamed in 4K on Apple and Amazon. We watch 3 movies a week and virtually all are 4K. Both Apple and Amazon stream movies in ATMOS. Our older processor does not support ATMOS. It does support TrueHD and DTS… etc. and are indistinguishable from those played on our 4K OPPO.
Thanks for the information, I'll check out what's available on Amazon and Apple.
I use an appleTV, i used to use a NvidiaShieldTV wasnt happy. The Apple streams 4K HDR. I down convert to 1080p/HDR, the pic is jaw dropping and distracting Lol. I run an JVC RS400
      (native resolution 1080p). The pic is 100”x42”(2.35:2) AT screen
That sounds awesome! How are you getting your 4K movies on the AppleTV? Trying to determine if most people stream their movies now or still popping in a disc.
Via Apple TV device. Although when traveling I may use my iPad or MacBook connecting directly to HDMI Tv input. 
Is that your question?