How best to arrange cables in this room...

Hi all,

I may be moving my system to a new room in the near future, but the only drawback is the best placement for the speakers is on either side of the fireplace, which would mean my rack would need to go off to the side (image below - hopefully it loads).

In this arrangement, I'm not sure how best to run the speaker cables. Getting equal length cables would leave a ton of extra cable by the speaker closest to the rack. Also, I can't run the cable through the wall with the fireplace (which would be more ideal) so a solution to keep it somewhat hidden going to the far right speaker would be great since I don't love having cables all over the place.

I figure this is a fairly common 'problem' so wanted to get some ideas on how to go about it.

Worst comes to worst, I can put my rack in front of the fireplace, but id prefer to avoid that if possible.



Lets see a picture of the fireplace! Best and most creative solution wins the prize! (Whatever that my be)

@designsfx Unfortunately, don't have a photo at the moment since I don't live there quite yet (moving, so planning ahead). The fireplace is gas and built into the wall, so there is no hearth and I can't just put the amp in the fireplace. In a perfect world I'd just have the fireplace removed, but that would be a pretty crazy expense vs just making the space work. While I'd love to buy a home based on ideal positioning of my audio equipment, my hands are a bit tied since it isn't just me making the calls 😛

The alternative to this room is a spare bedroom that is 10' x 11.5' approx, which is significantly less space, especially since my new speakers will be on the larger side. In some years down the line (probably 5-6) I can move it to the loft space thatll be freed up then, which is roughly 13 x 15, which is more manageable, but will need to make this work for now.

@fuzztone it may be possible, though it creates some issue if I want to replace the cable with something else. It's wood flooring, so can't easily just tuck it underneath. Would basically end up being a semi-permanent solution. I'm in Texas, so basements don't exist here outside of extremely expensive concrete tomb style encased ones, so I'm assuming the floor would need to get pulled up.


So is the fireplace a brick/block build or a hollow box with an insert? If the latter it may be possible to pull the firebox and run a large conduit across the base/slab towards the rear of the enclosure. You could sweep up on both sides to a j-box and pull your wire through.