how best to break in speakers?

i am close to buying new speakers for one of my kids apartment. leaning towards wharfedale diamond 8.1's. every thing i've read warns about long break in period. what's the best/fastest way to go about this. i'd like to break 'em in before i give them to him for xmas. any thoughts suggestion? feel free to comment on speaker choice too. he'll be riving them with a nad 3140 in a 12by 10 room.
I was also told that this is the best way to do it, but I was also told to run a mono signal because both speakers then get an equal workout. Is this correct or does it not matter?
that mono suggestion seems like it makes sense. but i wonder if my old burned out hippy ears would notice!
Mono and out-of-phase you'll get the least noise spillage, what you hear in the room will be about 25dB down on what the speakers are actually producing.
So be careful, don't fry them!