How cam Morrow Audio keep offering 45%-65% discounts for trade-ups?

Not only that I get weekly emails about sales. Lately titled "Christmas in July".

I’ve done the trade-up a few times, but I’ve got to say, I can’t fathom how they can profit with discounts as huge as those.

Are they selling off used stuff as new?

 Another thing, has anyone dissected a cable to see what's in it?

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Morrow believe in break-in so much , when i bought one few years ago they asked for a bit more money to break them.. If my memory is correxct on this... That impact me a bit because of all discussion about break in ...

I dont think they sold  then the un- breaked new cable as the old already breaked-in  cable... Anyway i remember feeling the change in the break in process..

And if i remember they gave a life warrenty for their cable ...

As i said the cable are better than the few cheaper one  i tried..

If they are crooks there exist better crook than Morrow.. 😊


Who thinks Morrow is re-selling the trade-ups as new?

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No one pays "full price" for Morrow.  It's just part of their marketing.  When I had a couple of their interconnects (MA5?) and speaker cables, I never paid more than 50% of full price, and was probably less than that.  They simply inflate the full sale price and offer a discount,  as that is more appealing to the buyer.  It's nothing more than that.  I doubt they are selling trade ups as new though, Morrow doesn't strike me as disingenious.  

I’m pleased with the product. I got both speaker and some ICs. After I ordered them I realized that the speaker cables were going to be too short. So I gave them a call and they added the extra I needed for free as they hadn’t started my cables yet. It wasn’t that much longer than I’d ordered but still rather kind of them. 

Are they world beaters? Maybe, maybe not. But they are much better than the ancient Monster stuff I had before. More detailed and much better control. 

If how they pitch the product works for them, more power to them IMHO. 


Happy listening.