How can a PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC enhance my system?

How can a PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC enhance my system? I just don't know how to integrate a PS Audio DAC into what I already have.

The meat and potatoes of my system is a McIntosh preamp and a McIntosh power amp.  I have all my music digitized in FLAC and DSF, stored on a Popcorn Hour A-500 networked media tank (built-in DAC) connected to my pream.

I also have a Marantz SACD connected to the preamp.  I am able to access the DAC in the Marantz directly with either a USB or Toslink cable.

Since I have a NMT, I have no need to store or stream music from a PC.  Where could a PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC help me?



Thanks for the grea info mahler123.  My Marantz SACD has coax and Toslink digital outputs.  Can they be utilized?  There is no HDMI or I2S.


I am presuming that the PS Audio DAC has S/PDIF inputs so yes you can play Redbook CD.  You won’t be able to play the SACD layer of your small SACD collection so just continue to play them as you currently do

I run my PSA DSD through my VTL 7.5iii preamp. It sounds miles better than directly from DAC to amp. Cannot spoeak to your preamp talents. Try both.


I have used digital from the first CDP - the Magnavox CDP 650 -- since around 1986, and have had CDP's and numerous DAC's throughout. The PSA DSD is a first rate, top-of-the-line DAC, not least of which included the free upgrades from PSA. I have not been moved to look into a newer DAC in a few years, especially when I installed the Bridge II as a streamer. It all sounds glorious and functions very well. The Shunyata Sigma IC's were the topping on the cake running  from DAC to pre and pre to amp. Neal


PS Audio preamp section can be bypassed. You will run it into your McIntosh preamp. You Marantz SACD player will be connected to another input on you preamp and you can use it to spin CDs. Your Popcorn server can be connected to the PS Audio DAC via coax. You need to research if popcorn outputs all your music formats thru coax and if PS Audio is capable of processing these formats via its coax input. If all this checks out the odds are the PS Audio DAC will be a nice improvement over the dac in your Marantz. Will it be a big difference only you can draw that conclusion.