How can I connect bananas to Wilson speakers?

Hello, I hava a pair of Wilson Audio Sophia 2 speakers.  They use heavy duty brass nuts that screw onto the binding posts to secure speakers cables with spade terminators.

I am interested in using speaker cables with bananas on the Wilsons.  I won't bore you with the why part of that, but I am looking for a solution to connect the bananas to the Wilsons.  

I understand that there are banana to spade adapters available, but I was hoping for a better option.  Does anyone know of a high quality aftermarket binding post nut that can replace the stock Wilson nut, and will accept a banana? The idea here is that I can simply unscrew the Wilson nut, and put on the new, bananan accepting nut, and not have any invasive change to the speakers.

"ask your toddler child or grandchild for hint."

What does that mean and what relevance is it to adapters?
"ask your toddler child or grandchild for hint."
--> I think the gist of the comment is that toddlers have a knack of putting random objects into slots, crevices, holes etc. 
CZarivey is being a wee bit sarcastic it seems.  I think he is suggesting that I am not too bright, or obsessing over an insignificant thing.  That's ok, I can take it!  That's pretty tame.  Water off a duck's back!  Though I would prefer real suggestions over sarcastic ones :-)

I think I'll go with the banana to spade adapters.  Problem solved.  Thanks everyone.

I think you mean spade to banana. The Cardas are really good with an Uber tight fit.