How can i improve the sound of Iphone 11?

I am using SE846 earphones into Ibasso DX90 and i love the sound. I recently bought TIDAL for streaming at home. 
I tried listened to TIDAL through my iphone 11 into SE846 and obviously, with no DAC in it, it was not as good as when using DX90. 

There are times i cannot carry the DX90 but will have my phone with me.

Is there a dongle i can put between the Iphone and SE846 that will improve the sound to match that of my DX90?
I've been using the Hidizs S9 dongle with an iPhone and I get great results.   There are both single-ended and balanced outputs, and a lot of power.   It sounds great and it also measures quite well.
Thank you for all the replies. I am seeing a lot of love for the Dragonfly solution. The Hidizs and Helm are much less expensive. I am thinking i would be able to get much of the purchase price back on a Dragonfly if i did not like and sold it on the used market.

 - What is a jitterbug? Only one user mentioned having it.

" One thing I’d recommend is trying Qobuz — I switched from Tidal and am much happier, and no MQA crap to deal with."

When using the BluOS app, Tidal tracks list either CD or MQA.
When using the TIDAL app, tracks show M (master) or nothing.

Is MQA something to be avoided due to reduced sound quality? I have been unable to hear a diff between any of the formats (when the same song is listed twice - CD and MQA. I am paying for the TIDAL HIFI level which should not limit my choices.

Is MQA something to be avoided due to reduced sound quality?
Currently I’m subscribed to Qobuz, Tidal and Apple Music I have to admit that SQ of Tidal Masters is very close to SQ of Qobuz Studio Premier (album varies) some albums better on Tidal some on Qobuz…both services have their pluses and minuses. For me as a practical listener the MQA is definitely not a thing to avoid a specially on mobile setup. Don’t hesitate to try it yourself. It’s not big deal to get trial subscription for both services for one month so you could figure out yourself. I don’t yet have proper equipment to check Apple Music on my main system but using Dragonfly Cobalt DAC with Senheiser HD650 let me conclude that Apples Hi-Res Masters SQ is better than both Tidal Masters and Qobuz SQ (same album)…so the issue is yes practical for the listener… we r just choosing the better option and at some choices MQA is exist.
"and no MQA crap to deal with."
Nothing to deal with.
Dragonfly handles MQA seamlessly and with great results.