How Can I Use MY IPOD For a Music Source?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the best avenue is for putting together a high-end system (speakers, amp, etc...) but running my music data off an IPOD? Is there a converter to take the info from the IPOD to the amp? I tried using a monster RCA connector from my IPOD into my Classe' CP-45 preamp and it was limited on the output. I've recently sold all of my equipment and looking to put a new system together and would like to use my IPOD as the main data base for my music. Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

The issue with the sound quality of your iPod may have as much to do with the integrity of the files on the iPod as it does with how you're getting your music from the iPod to your system.

You didn't say in your original post whether you're compressing the files and, if you are, by how much. An uncompressed or lossless file is likely to sound pretty good coming out through the dock as a line-out signal. In that case the quality of the sound is limited only by the quality of the digital to analog converter in the iPod.

If, on the other hand, your music has been compressed to 128 or 160 kbps, as most people do for their mp3 files, you've already thrown away enough data that there's no getting it back regardless of what you use to move it from the iPod to the system.
I'm using Apple Lossless and importing them through iTunes, so I was pretty disappointed when it sounded the way it did.
I have NAIM power supply for ipod - it helps.
If you use Apple Dock - the volume control on iPod works - so you won't need a pre-amp.
Why use the IPOD which will have an inferior DAC? I use it extensively for travel but at home...use your orginal files and use the PC as your main source: if another room there are wireless options such as Squeeze Box or Sonos, and both are likely to be better when using their optical output than using the IPOD via RCA jacks.
Go to Ken sells some very good cables for the ipod in different flavors.

You might also go to Headfi, and put up a post, the guys there have a lot of really good info