How can you not have multichannel system

I just finished listening to Allman Bros 'Live at the Fillmore East" on SACD, and cannot believe the 2-channel 'Luddites' who have shunned multichannel sound. They probably shun fuel injected engines as well. Oh well, their loss, but Kal has it right.
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Mig007, you know full-well what Tvad says about my Acoustic Revive, Synergistic Research, AVM, and Murata super tweeters, but here I am in agreement.
Are you two joined at the hip? I don't remember being called any names and I don't remember calling anyone a name other than stating those who don't like mc music are Luddites, but I didn't single out anyone. I would call the use of the word resent strong and almost begging for a reply, especially given the underlying hypocricy of the poster. One goal I set out for when I started this thread was to provoke people who don't like mc music to post their reasons. And I care about mc music, because using other methods to extract surround sound short of remixing is a matter of trickery. To take stereo recordings and put them through dsp is not the same as remixed mc music. And I see the industry basically allowing sacd and dvd audio to die a slow death, leaving a cavernous hole for us audiophiles who believed mc music was the next great advancement for sound quality and experience.
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Mig007, joined at the hip??? What the hell are you talking about? Me and Tvad???
But again I agree with Tvad. Your posting is insincere and ill-founded. Don't like being called on such then don't post.