How can you not have multichannel system

I just finished listening to Allman Bros 'Live at the Fillmore East" on SACD, and cannot believe the 2-channel 'Luddites' who have shunned multichannel sound. They probably shun fuel injected engines as well. Oh well, their loss, but Kal has it right.
a recording is an inexact reproduction of reality. recording quality varies. why strive for a significant discrepancy from reality ? in fact there is no way to know what is embbeded on a recording. the content is unknown. therefore, how can you strive to reproduce that which is unknown ?

our hobby is essentially one of entertainment. thus, there is no definitive criterion for achieving the "optimum" level of entertainment. it is a purely subjective phenomenon.

i accept the concept of accuracy. it is an ideal which cannot be attained, as a stereo system is composed of components which are imperfect.

those who believe that "input=output" is the sole purpose of a stereo system are entitled to that opinion. unfortunately, there will never be an accurate system and it is difficult , if not impossible to quantify the inaccuracy of a stereop system, as the concept of accuracy is mult-dimensional.

i think that that trying to configure a multi channel stereo systemis just a manifestation of satisfying the taste of the listener, as tvad has stated. i don't consider any other significance to this endeavor.
Onhwy61 takes a nice approach in rationalizing the cost of building out mch around the nucleas of a high-end 2ch set-up, and in balancing the estimated cost of this upgrade against the limited availability of mch SACDs.

Alternatively, it would be possible to expand a high-quality 2ch SACD system into mch using budget-oriented equipment for the mch front-end and surround-channels. The question then becomes: would this be more satisfying than listening to SACD through a higher quality 2ch system?

There are probably more than a few 2ch devotees like myself who similarly experimented with the surround music-modes of HT processors added with mid-line amps and speakers on top a high-end 2ch audio-only system. Even with a good HT processor like Lexicon, the results sucked! So once bitten it's tough to contemplate returning to the idea without going all out.
Agree with Dgarretsson. And although running a stereo recording through a surround processor is not the same thing as listening to an actual surround mix on the disc, one of the few processors that gets it right in my experience is Meridian's Tri-field mode. But then you are already into big bucks with that rig..
I found this posting over on Audio Asylum in the Hi-Rez forum:
"By all means, you should keep an open mind. And you or anyone else in this forum who is curious about multichannel has a standing invitation to hear my system. I am quite serious about this. I would welcome the opportunity to get your impressions. Just PM me, and we will make the arrangements. I live comfortably in downtown Philly (home of the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies)in a townhouse with a nice, large music room, 4 blocks East of the Kimmel Center, and I can provide free parking.

Just consider me a multichannel evangelist, because I think audiophiles and music lovers need to know about this. For the past year or so, I have been experiencing reproduced sound that is well beyond anything I thought possible in my 50 years as an audiophile. I started my hobby by building Dynakits in high school. I agree that well setup Mch systems are very hard to find for audition. Dealers have totally dropped the ball, as have audiophile magazines, except for Kal in Stereophile. Actually, pretty much the whole high end is out to lunch on this, which has given me a serious credibility problem with many high end manufacturers and magazines. Most (some exceptions) are just continuing to polish what they have been doing for years, as if stereo reproduction is as good as it gets. It isn’t, in my opinion, not compared to live performance. While stereo ever so slowly and incrementally approaches the asymptote of inherent performance limitations, hi rez Mch is a game changer in terms of realistic sonic reproduction. It’s not perfect, but it is way beyond any stereo I have heard regardless of price. I have heard quite a few systems that are many times more expensive and prestigious than my own.

Yes, music selection in stereo is orders of magnitudes greater than in Mch, but not in hi rez. For the past 5 years or more, most hi rez releases have been in Mch. For classical music (not other genres) there is a decent selection of very good Mch SACD’s – thousands – and new releases keep coming. Maybe we will see a lot more once Blu-ray music gets cranked up. So, right now I am enjoying the thrill of rebuilding a disc collection in the Mch format. Though I have over 1,500 CD’s and 2,500 LP’s, stereo just has no more appeal to me. I no longer buy it and seldom listen to it. It just does not satisfy me anymore for serious listening, great as many performances in stereo are.

If you are curious, my system is:

Oppo 980 Universal player (evolving soon to Oppo BDP-83 on the early adopter program) via HDMI

Integra DTC 9.8 controller with Audyssey Pro 3.0 EQ

Krell KAS-2 monoblocks

Bryston Powerpac 120

2 Parasound Halo A23’s

Martin Logan Prodigys, Claritys, Script i’s and a Stage

JL Audio Fathom f113 sub

Phono via Oracle Delphi, ET 2, Benz Ruby, PS Audio phono stage through Mark Levinson 380S line stage

PS Audio Powerplant Premier

Oh, yes, there is a Sony hi def TV, but 85% of my use of the system is with music, 95% of that classical.

I have also been in correspondence with my old friend Andy Quint, music reviewer for TAS. He is also heavily into Mch, and I am curious as to his high end, analog-centric Mch setup. Mine is, as you can see, based on a digital controller. Yes, it is a home theater piece, but I have discovered to my chagrin that our snobbish, high end attitudes toward home theater sound and Asian mass market gear are now totally wrong-headed. I used to be that way myself for a long time with justification. But, time marches on. Those home theater guys have made such rapid sonic progress in the last couple of years that it puts the high end utterly to shame, except perhaps in speakers and amps. And, price-wise what they can do for very little money is astounding. Anyway, Andy and I will also be exchanging listening sessions on each others’ systems in the near future.

Send me a PM. I’d really like to show you what I’ve got and how it sounds. It could change your life, as it has mine. Then again, it might not. You have to be the judge."

Great post, Fitz - Preach on, brother! (nt), posted on January 6,