How close was your starting budget to the final bu

Hi Y'all,
Just thought this would be fun. My budgets are usually off by at least 30%-40%. The system I am planning now has grown and I am just in the planning stage. Originally looking at most $7k and I am afraid to start putting pencil to paper to get the current total! Yikes!

Joe in Mobile
Adding everything up makes me feel a bit ill. I'd rather not think about it. I now think of budgets in relation to individual components rather than the total system.
Markphd, I hear ya! It makes me ill too, to focus on my total expenditures, so I quit doing that a while ago. And people who know me would say I'm sick for spending that kind of money too.
I thought I'd be able to to do it for about $2k. I was wrong but I was satisfied with the end result.