How come no one talks about the BEST REMOTES??

hi all -
I need a great remote for my home theater. Considering Crestron Smartouch (STS) system, and can get one used for $1200, but after about $1000 for programming and another $3-400 for current and video sensors and another $100 for IR probes, I'm in at almost $3000. I know Crestron is the best, but is it worth all that $$??? Can anyone knowledgeable with remotes offer any words of advice?? Thanks everyone!


Pronto, lol. That brought up some good memories! Funny thing is, as soon as I saw post recommending visiting, I knew it was an old thread. 

These days there are no good consumer remote systems available. Logi Harmony was the last one and it was discontinued this year (that's 2021, if you are reading this thread in the year 2041) I think it leaves Control 4 as the only viable choice, but it's distributed by professional installers only. 

Logi Harmony was discontinued?  I have 2 units, both over 8 years old ang going strong.  Maybe they made them to well.

The best remotes are capable of activating a thread even after twenty years.

Ha!  I’ve found Universal remotes to be bulletproof and just work (my 30 year-old model still functions flawlessly), and I just like having the ability to “drive by feel” with hard buttons. But maybe I’m just old school and 20 years behind the times.



you and I must have gone to the same school.  You didn't beat me up at recess, I hope