How come no one talks about the BEST REMOTES??

hi all -
I need a great remote for my home theater. Considering Crestron Smartouch (STS) system, and can get one used for $1200, but after about $1000 for programming and another $3-400 for current and video sensors and another $100 for IR probes, I'm in at almost $3000. I know Crestron is the best, but is it worth all that $$??? Can anyone knowledgeable with remotes offer any words of advice?? Thanks everyone!


Logi Harmony was discontinued?  I have 2 units, both over 8 years old ang going strong.  Maybe they made them to well.

The best remotes are capable of activating a thread even after twenty years.

Ha!  I’ve found Universal remotes to be bulletproof and just work (my 30 year-old model still functions flawlessly), and I just like having the ability to “drive by feel” with hard buttons. But maybe I’m just old school and 20 years behind the times.



you and I must have gone to the same school.  You didn't beat me up at recess, I hope