How come no one talks about the BEST REMOTES??

hi all -
I need a great remote for my home theater. Considering Crestron Smartouch (STS) system, and can get one used for $1200, but after about $1000 for programming and another $3-400 for current and video sensors and another $100 for IR probes, I'm in at almost $3000. I know Crestron is the best, but is it worth all that $$??? Can anyone knowledgeable with remotes offer any words of advice?? Thanks everyone!


-here are a couple of threads where remotes were discussed. And personally, 3K for a remote?!?!?! Unless your system is worth 10X that, it seems a bit overkill - of course, I am a woman and we just don't get that remote thang like guys do ;~)
Anyway, hope these threads help a little.
Wow, I didn't know remotes could get so expensive. I got into home theater over three years ago, but have spent the last two years completely enamored with 2 channel.

However, even with my new found love of music reproduction over movies and the theater-like playback, I must say I still covet the RC2000MKII remote that came with my Marantz AV500. I've been out of HT for a few years and haven't kept up on the latest pre/pros and remotes, but for $250 [free with the AV550] the RC2000MKII is pretty damn good. I love the smart functions and the macros, but boy is this thing a battery hog.

For $3000 what will the Smartouch do? I own pieces from Simaudio, Electrocompaniet and ProAc and none of them cost that much.
Hi Angela,Baz, I too wish there was a bit more activity here regarding home theater remotes. Remote Central is a great resource, but can be quite daunting when you want the short story. I am considering various remotes, but will wait a while due to slowdown in business here.
So far many people lean toward the Pronto.