How come no one talks about the BEST REMOTES??

hi all -
I need a great remote for my home theater. Considering Crestron Smartouch (STS) system, and can get one used for $1200, but after about $1000 for programming and another $3-400 for current and video sensors and another $100 for IR probes, I'm in at almost $3000. I know Crestron is the best, but is it worth all that $$??? Can anyone knowledgeable with remotes offer any words of advice?? Thanks everyone!

Glen, can you program things like the editing functions of a minidisc recorder, access to all parameters of a pre-pro or the slow mo and jog wheel of a DVD player into the RC5000i?
Check out
"The Philips ProntoPro TSU6000 is aiming to be the most sophisticated remote for under $1000. With a bright high-resolution 256-color screen, pickup sensor, optional RF station, more hard buttons and an updated version of the ProntoEdit software package, this remote is the answer to many Technicolor dreams!"
Bmpnyc, It's concievable but honestly, I have only had this piece a short time. I wouldn't want to say yes 100% to your question without becoming a little more familiar with this remote. I'll get back to you!