How did U get into this expensive hobby?

So I was up last night listening to my system and thought to myself, when am I going to be 100% satisfy with my set up. Just for once I like to listen without thinking well maybe if I can add this or remove that I can improve on this or that area. A mist all that I thought how did I ever got into this hobby any way? Well, the nightmare began for me when I was working in my college university's periodical section. We had over 3000+ magazines on file. The first stereo magz I ever picked up was the AUDIO annual price list which was about 300 or so pages of all major audio mfg. and models..also known as the audio bible; what ever happened to Audio magazine anyway? I remembered being so intrigued by so many brands that I have never heard of before and how the workmanship and industrial design seemed so much far superior than the average Kenwood and Pioneer back then (no offense to Kenwood and Pioneer owners). This was 10 years ago and I started by scraping every pennies I had to purchase my first NAD integrated amp. Although 10 years have passed, I am still scraping for money to own something new every now and then, but this time instead of pennies, it's dimes a nickels since my tasted have upgrade with my salery. It'd be interesting to hear how some of you fellow audigoners got started in this hobby. Upon adding to this thread, you'll find that you'll get a little grin on your face after spilling your guts out on how you began on this deep pocket journey and how far you have come. Happy Holidays guys and gals.
Leafs: It would be more productive for you to not bash our contributors who do indeed love music and are most knowledgeable.
I guess it started with me growing up in nyc and being surrounded by muscians(my dad plays guitar) and just knowing what instruments sound like. Later I just wanted my system to sound as close to the original as possible. I believe it's not so much about gear but how much you love music. BTW just listened to the Marsh amp, sounds really GOOD, like music. Good listening
Leafs; your spiteful, negative post was totally uncalled for and definitely out of line. If anyone has "ruined" this thread, it will have been you. As to 3Chihuahuas' thread, I had been out of audio for 10-15 years, when I was walking through the music and electronics section of a large department store (early 90s) and noticed that there were no LPs-- nothing but CDs (a few cassettes). I asked a clerk to demo a $249. JVC boom box with CD player built in. I was totally taken by the 'stone silence' of the music background, as well as the instant track access, programming, repeat, and other functions of the CD player. I bought the boombox shortly after and a handful of CDs-- then did the "mid-fi" thing for awhile, but before long I knew I had to have separates. I did some research, and a vinyl junkie friend recommended Vand. 2Ce speakers, my first "high end" equipment, and gave me access to his large library of Stereophile back issues. I now think I have what is an outstanding, enjoyable, and very musical stereo system, and I've never looked back. BTW, like so many others, in my young adult years I had Bose speakers (501's) and a series of cheap TTs. Cheers. Craig.
The point is there are Music lovers in our hobby and gear heads.If a magazine led you to HI-END your 99% gear head.The stupid fool is the one who buys high end based on what they read in the Audio press. Buy with your ears.