How diverse is your musical taste?

I will listen to absolutely any style of music, from Heavy Metal to Opera to Jazz to Acoustical Folk. If it is good music to me, and is well recorded, it is game. How about you?
This is a very interesting question. I'd have to say that my taste is much more diverse than most...or really bad:) I was thinking about how to measure this beyond just evaluating my catalog and what I came up with was the reaction of others to what I play. I have to be very cognizant of what comes up if I am playing music for other people because in most cases I get strange looks or comments. Random is usually not an option. I have to select things I think fit closer between the boundaries of popular composition....lots of my stuff does not even though I do very much enjoy mainstream styles. Over the past few years my taste has really extended to the fringes including experimental, noise, ambient, minimal, techno etc.

Here's an example of recent additions by artist to my catalog:

Vatican Shadows
Dirty Three + Low
Vadislav Delay
Bendon Moeller
Tall Firs
Bonnie Raitt
Marko Furstnenberg
Clark Terry
Horizontal Ground/Frozen Border/Shed
Norah Jones
Welcome Wagon
Mordant Music (seriously, this is wicked! Want to test your tolerance for extremes? Search out his recent release Post-MorteM/ModeM...but turn it up)
Azealia Banks
Miles Davis
Richmond Fontaine

Usually there is some classical too but none added lately. Those are just from the last few weeks.
Timhru, I'm big fan of Residents too! I like their version of "Man's World" much better than James Brown:-)
Pop - Check

Rock - Check

Hard Rock - Check

Jazz (all types) - Check

Heavy Metal - Check

Classical - Check

Broadway - Check

Soft Rock - Check

Rockabilly - Check

Punk - Check

R & B - Check

Prog Rock - NOPE

Spiritual - NOPE

Country - Nope (exception of some Dwight Yoakum and Dixie Chicks)

Hip Hop/Rap - Nope
i discovered last yr- when i got a magnum internet tuner- just a wonderfully diverse playlist