How do I connect my Bricasti M21 DAC to my MAC Computer using the Network (Ethernet)

How do I connect my Bricasti M21 DAC to my MAC Computer using its Ethernet connection?   I want to run QoBuz on my MAC Computer and send the QoBuz output to the Bricasti M21 DAC using the Ethernet connection.  I will set the M21 using the IN5 LAN and Network setting.   This means the M21 connects to my network.  

Can I use the Qobuz interface and/or do I need some other software running on my MAC for this to happen?  This is a temporary setup so a large expense for any needed software is not required.  

If I need a software package on my MAC, what software package do you recommend?      

Your advice is requested.  Thanks.  
I installed Audiovarana on my MAC Computer and set my Bricasti M21 DAC to IN5 meaning LAN connection.   This connection works since the lights are flashing.  My MAC Computer and the Bricasti M21 DAC are BOTH wired to my router and I have connectivity.      

I am UNABLE to get Audiovarana to recognize my Bricasti M21 DAC.  I re-booted the router and modem and turned off my MAC Computer.  I also turned off and restarted the Bricasti.    I talked Bricasti Customer Support and he said I am doing everything right.

Audiovarana should automatically recognize my Bricasti M21 DAC BUT it is not.  I must be missing a setting somewhere.  

What am I doing wrong?   Help.   Thanks.  
@hgeifman- Do you have a window or a router software installed on the Mac that shows all lan connections wired or wireless connected to your router? I use Netgear router and they have a software called Genie which shows me all lan connections, connected to my Netgear router. If you have something like that then the 1st step would be to verify whether Bricasti is listed there and has an IP address. You have to make sure that Bricasti M21 is available on your network and the above diagnostic steps will help verify that part. If you see M21 in the network list then first get the IP address. The next step would be to ping it by issuing a  command like ping IP Address. If it is ping-able then Audirvana will surely detect it....

Another item to check: On the Audiovarana window bottom right corner is a speaker icon. Click on it and see if the Bricasti is recognized. If it is make sure it is selected.
@welcher, Thanks.  I click on the Audiovarana window right corner on the speaker icon.  The Bricasti M21 DAC does not show.  The only thing that shows is the local connected DAC.  Should I be clicking someplace else?

Maybe my MAC and the Bricasti DAC are not on the same network.  So, I ran the LAN scanner and did not see the Bricasti M21 DAC listed but am unclear what it would show.   Any suggestions?  

Audiovarana should automatically recognize my Bricasti M21 DAC and it does not.   Are there any other settings on my MAC or on Audiovarana that are blocking the Bricasti DAC?    

When you run the LAN scanner you should see a host name and ip address for the bricasti and your mac. Both devices need to be on the same subnet. Is your router the wireless router provided by your network provider (ie Comcast, Verizon, Cox etc)? Try turning off wireless on the MAC; reboot the MAC and see if you can reach the Bricasti and the internet