How do I connect my emotiva mc700 surround sound proc to preamp

Hi All

I bought an esoteric c03 preamp. I currently have an emotiva mc700 processor. How do I connect the processor to the pre amp. I intend using this only in a stereo configuration. Note the processor is not a receiver.

Help appreciated 
I have only a 2 channel setup.. left and right so in that case it wouldn't matter right ?
If that is the case, you can connect the emotiva mc700 LF and RF output channels to emotiva mc700 ANY of the three RCA inputs, set the emotiva mc700 volume to maximum, or to the level matching other sources, and use the esoteric c03 volume control as master volume control.
Why do you need the Emotiva if you only have a 2 channel setup? What are your source components? Can you connect them directly to the Esoteric and take the Emotiva out of the mix?
I use the emotive mc700 for HDMI inputs. This system also connect my Apple TV, gaming PC etc