How do I keep my cats off my amplifier?

Since my amplifier is too large for an equipment rack, I keep it on a seperate amplifier stand. There is nothing above it to keep my two cats from climbing on top when it is turned on, which they always do, attracted by the warmth. At first I didn't mind until my Rotel RMB-1095 Amplifier shorted due to a build-up of cat hair falling inside. Now my front right channel is gone. I just bought an Integra Research RDA-7 to replace it.
Is there a good way (short of the cat pound) to keep them off?
take the amplifier of the seperate amp stand and put it on the cats. your just messing with us, right? you dont have cats. best thread ever.
Here's an idea: dig a moat around both of your amps and fill them with water. Next, stock them with pirhanas, lion fish and great white sharks. If the water isn't enough of a deterrant, the contents should prove effective in eliminating the problem.

If that is not an acceptable solution, you might try a flame thrower, razor wire, a small mine field or you could just gently nudge them away with an Abrams tank.