How do I know if my systems any good?

I'm not able to leave my house due to a long-standing injury, so I'm unable to hear anyone else's system. I could list out my components but not sure what that would achieve.  Lets assume they're all fine pieces.

what are the things that should be considered when listening and judging an audio system that combines streaming and home theater via bypas thru a preamp.

Maybe it's a great system.  


In acoustic reverberation TIME must be controlled not eliminated completely...

This "rocket" science is called acoustic...


Getting rid of reverbs kind of important.

It's not rocket science


If you have to ask this question in the first place.... but really cost is not the determining factor(s).  Synergy goes a long way.  Indicators: Goose bumps, Chills, jump factor, wow factor, or what ever terminology turns your crank.  Just have to listen a little longer, especially late at night.

A way to know you have a good audio system is make a video of a particular music from your audio system with your smart phone (or high quality recorder). With same music and recorder, you can record the sound of audio dealer or friend systems. Then hear/compare them with a good headphone. The microphone performs persistent and always same regardless of environment and situation  unlike easily biasing human ears.  Alex/Wavetouch Audio