How do I power my 800D(3)s

Hi folks

I am new to this, but trying to learn fast!

I have long been a fan of Bowers and Wilkins and I am lucky enough to buy a brand new pair of 800D(3)'s.  I have recently built a new house, so now have enough space for this very special purchase, which I plan to make in the next month or so.

I want to run a two channel system in our living room so it's a pretty simple layout.  Can anybody give me some advice, so that I get the best out of the speakers.  Will a Pre-Amp, and an Amp be enough with a Streamer?  Do I need two amps?  

Can you also advise on the best brands to look at.  I see that B&W tends to show the speakers off in thier demo's with Classe?  Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

Good choice on the m600 classe.

I had the same on my 802d3 for a bit.  It's enjoyable.

i have since replaced it but I still miss it
So quite a bit a time has passed since the D3 line has come out.
What is the current consensus on 802d3 at $22k versus speakers like revel studios at $16k (Much easier to drive), or revel salon at $22?
What else do people suggest to compare these two products to at or around these price points?