How do I switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet cables?

My Bluesound Node currently receives Wi-Fi, but I'd like to switch to a direct link. I assume that would be with an ethernet cable from the modem to the Bluesound - with possibly a better switch between the two.

The problem is that my modem is in the basement and the Bluesound is on a different floor. There is not a clear path for running cable. 

Is there a piece of equipment or technology that I could help in this situation?


FYI, I also use. Node 2 using wifi. I use a RME dac with it and I had a lot of dropouts and constantly had to reboot the Node and my phone. I moved  the Dac and the Node apart from each other and my dropouts stopped. There is now an 8 inch separation where before they were butting up next to each other. A simple solution 

I mentioned at the beginning of this thread that you can buy a router that accepts a SIM card which means you don't need hard wired internet and still get 5G.

So MESH etc. is not required.

Seems like the ethernet over powerline adapters (~$40) to an optical segment and back just before the streamer would proved the most flexibility.  The optical portion, with a nice short shielded ethernet cable to the streamer, can be had for under $100.(newegg)

My node2i always had signal issue with wifi, 2.4 or 5, with no walls between wifi router and it. It isn’t the wifi spec, it is the interference and the specific streamer device’s capabilities, and internet service, that are the issues I have had with audio wifi.  Innuos pulse mini now, no wifi on it.. with an optical section… much happier now.