How do the Magnepan 3.6r compare to the new 1.7

Which is better buy 1.7 or 3.6
Read a review on Audiocircle comparing the two but can't immediately find it. Reviewer said the 3.6 was much better than the 1.7's. I have 1.6's and 3.6's and the 3.6's rule. Higher resolution because of the true ribbon tweeter, deeper bass and much more dynamic
You can get a great killer deal on a used pair of 3.3 or 3.5 that the new 1.7 can't match either. The 3 series is altogether in a different performance class. The core implementation of each series will never allow a 1 series to perform like the 3 series.
First consider your room size, a small room with 3.6's can underperform 1.7's in an optimal room. Also 1.7's are more seamless and coherent across the 3 way whereas the 3.6's might have some discontinuity between the ribbon and bass panel, some can and others cannot discern it.
KKM, you are dead wrong. I don't know if you have ever owned or lived with the 3.6, but that is not true, I have had them, and other Maggies and other speakers for years, and never heard that from anyone.
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