How do the Magnepan 3.6r compare to the new 1.7

Which is better buy 1.7 or 3.6
The reviewers have commented along the lines of Elizabeth's statement on the 3.6. Rrog may be correct, but there still appears to be a discontinuity- hence Magnepan changing the crossovers ect.
I have 3.6's in a small room and sit close 8' I have never noticed this djscontinuity or if it is there it simply does not bother me. But when I try to listen for it I simply don't notice it
I have owned the 3.6 for 5 years and sold it to a friend. Have 12's now and will look at getting the 1.7's. Would consider the 3.7's but room size of 13'x28' is too small.

As I stated, some can and others don't experience that, which could also be base on differing equipment. Making an absolute statement about others experience is not cool, lots of 3.6's for sale here over the years for different reasons while others think they are keepers.
Yeah, I once again call Audiophelia BS on the "discontinuity". It's solid, centered, coherent.

>but room size of 13'x28' is too small.<

Hmmm, seems plenty big enough for me. I had 3.5s in a 15 X 26 room and had no problems. I have seen bigger speakers shoehorned in much smaller spaces than yours.