How do you bi-wire?

I've tried bi-wiring by connecting the two ends of speaker wire together on the end that connects to the amp. Then, I separated them at the speaker. There was improvement. Then I separated the wires that connect to the amp and connected them separately to speaker "A" and "B" connections. I turned both speaker switches on. Connecting separately to "A" and "B" improved the clarity quite a bit. My question is, am I doing this right. I know it must be a simple question, but I don't know.
Maybe when you connected to the amp's A and B speaker terminals you got the wires reversed, so that relative phasing of the woofer and tweeter was changed. This would affect the sound, and it isn't always obvious which way sounds best.
I take it from the posts that the "normal" way to bi-wire would be to use only the A speakers, or B but not both. Is that correct?