How do you change the battery in an ARC LS28 remote?

I've done searches on the Internet and have emailed ARC twice with no reply. The website says the faceplate is held on by magnets. There are no screws. How do I get in this remote? Thanks

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Get a small suction cup and place on bottom of face plate on the logo. Then pull up.

Dental Floss

start in a corner, at the tight joint. pull dental floss in there. it is thin and damn strong.

leave it there, do  another corner, then another, make a gap, pry it off..

Watch the absolute sound fremer tour of the factory

Forward to the part about the remotes

You will see how the pop out the faceplate







....I'm still waiting for the remote that operates the Real remote that controls all the other ones......all of which have different 'tastes' in battery.....😒