How do you cope with dust build up ?

Over the years I am constantly battling dust build up. Although I dust with feather duster, there are places that you cannot get to unless you disconnect equipment and or move equipment ( in my case very difficult to do).
I'm pretty sure that the dust build-up is a major problem with equipment. It gets into the cases, on the drivers, on the connections.. pretty much everywhere.
What do most of you do about this?
My LP collection suffers same fate and it's in a cabinet..
Not a sealed cabinet however. Yes the Lp's are in sealed covers( mostly) but dust builds up on covers etc.
Any suggestions?
I use two of the Sharper Image models in a dedicated music room plus I bought extra cleaning grids that I alternate every week to keep them in tip-top performance , You will be amazed how much junk these things accumulate plus the are dead silent . The reason I use Sharper Image is they are great with customer service after a year or so the units had started to make a little noise the guys at S.I. cheerfully exchange them for fresh units that alone was worth the upcharge of doing business with them
I also use room air purifiers. But the best way to keep the dust build-up away is the day before the cleaning lady comes, I take a small air compresor into the room and blow the hell out of every component. It moves the dust to places where it can be vacuumed and dusted. I live in West Texas, I know dust like few others. We have dust storms where you can't see past 100 yards!
Is it true that ionic room purifiers are deleterious to speakers & rubber components? Thanks.
I use a couple of cans of 'caned air' a year to keep things tidy! Works great for hard to reach or very delicate areas.
I'm with Quincy. Compressed Canned Air.

And Treed- what's a "cleaning lady"? Is that the same thing my wife keeps wanting? :)