How do you determine how much to spend on speakers

Hello all,

I am just starting out in this HI-FI stuff and have a pretty modest budget (prospectively about 5K) for all. Any suggestions as to how funds should be distributed. At this stage, I have no interest in any analog components. Most notably, whether or not it is favorable to splurge on speakers and settle for less expensive components and upgrade later, or set a target price range and stick to it.

Let your ears decide, I figure by the time it's all over I'll have at least 20K in electronics feeding my Thiel CS2.4's. They really are that good of a speaker! Or at least I think so
There is no formula, period. Figure out what works for you. It might be a brand new $200,000 horn speaker system with $1500 used integrated. On the other hand, you might find unbelievable results with $500 worth of used Spicas with a new Ongaku. Many world class musicians find their needs met by very modest gear and might not even know what brand of speakers they have.
Making pronouncements about what fraction of your available funds must be applied to the speaker purchase, reveals a naivete you should prefer to conceal.

I think it is incredible that a thread based upon such a foolish premise has survived this long. Such reflects badly on us as a group.
I should point out that I am not saying in my post above that the %%% I spent was a planned attack or a method of someone else putting something together. I did no planning when I did this system. I just bought what I wanted. I sat and figured the percentage on a calculator just for this thread. I am surprised though at how close every category is and to me it tells me that they are all important, because the cdp went in first with the old system and then the speakers, then each piece was upgraded one at a time so I did get to see the improvements in stages although it only lasted a couple of weeks in between some upgrades. The one thing I left out was room control which I have some of to and it is equally important. I could probably include that in the racks which would bump that up 3 or 4 % maybe. I think the most important thing is to talk to someone who knows how to match things well and then decide what to spend and would say spread out the money, don't put it all in one place.

The speakers are the weakest link , spend on good speakers they will serve you better in the end ...

You're looking at almost exactly what I have in my system. First you have to understand that there is always something that will sound better than what you have. The goal is to own equipment that makes you happy. I purchased a pair of Focal 836v speakers ($3,000) and Integra 50 receiver ($1,400) and an Integra CD player ($300). I can't have a dedicated 2 channel system so this gave me the best overall sound. Later I added a Martin Logan Dynamo 700 subwoofer to handle the .1 movie duties. I've listened to many of the Focal Chorus series speakers on a system that is intended for the Utopia line so I've heard them on equipment where the speakers were worth less than the tax on the cables used in the system and they sound great there and on affordable equipment. Unless you're the type that is never happy, any system in the 5k range should sound wonderful.

Don't spend a bunch of money on a CD player IF you plan to hook it with a toslink cable and stay digital into a receiver as there isn't any difference. The digital signal is nothing more than ones and zeros. If you're going analogue from the CD player then it makes a difference.

I just purchased my wife's dad a pair of Focal 706v speakers and compared them to Paradigm, B&W, PSB, Martin Logan and a few other speakers in a similar price range and had my opinion of the Focal Chorus series confirmed. They really sound great.

I'd recommend listening to a set of Focal Chorus 816v, 826v and/or 836v, you'll may find something you like.