How do you high pass your main speakers?

I have been very happy with the distributed bass array I added to my system, but from what I hear, the optimum method of integration is to high pass the main speakers.

Two questions:

1. What are my options for accomplishing this? Does this need to be a feature built into my amplifier or is there another component that needs to be inserted in the chain. 

2. What crossover point would be ideal? What frequency and amount of rolloff would be best if my speakers are ATC SCM19's which have a frequency response of (-6dB) 54Hz-22kHz.





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You are correct. The ATC don't go much below 55Hz, but I knew that before I bought them.

I agree 100% with your assessment. I just thought I would ask the question so I could see if there was something I was missing. I also used the speakers as the front speakers in a HT application via HT bypass so limiting there response is not ideal. 

All things considered I am very happy with the sound quality as the system is currently configured, so I am guessing I may just play around with a slightly lower crossover frequency for now.

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Does your integrated amp have a pre amp out / amp in feature? If so just run the Harrison filters with rca jumpers.  I'd suggest the 70hz ones for you. 

That said, I kind of agree with the folks who say to just carefully  dial in your bass array.  

The beauty of your setup its you could try both to see what you prefer. 

Good Luck!