How do you like the Headphone Section in your Luxmans?

I don’t use headphones a whole lot and only used them once since I got my Luxman 505UXII until the other night. I decided to break out my Grado SR125s and spin a few discs. I was really surprised at the sound. I listen more to Bass than other instruments and the tone and resonance of the bass lines were really good. So, wondering how other Luxman owners like and rate the onboard Headphone section? I am assuming aside from tiny tweaks, the HP section is pretty similar thru the 5XX line. What would it cost to better it with an outboard HP Amp?




I only have headphones and I use the Luxman P - 750u Headphone amp ad I have not heard an amp to beat it and believe you me I listened to quite a few and they couldn't hold a candle to the Luxman. It is expensive but it is an amp for life.

Next time I drop by my dealer, I’ll bring a set of headphones and listen to a Luxman. But my experience with several other… and more expensive integrated amps has been their headphone section is very poor quality. They have apparently been thrown in to have one. Maybe Luxman is different… but I doubt it.

I have owned well over a dozen headphone amps varying from a couple hundred bucks with four over $1,000, in pursuit of great sound. Once I found Woo headphone amps, I have never considered anything else. Incredibly natural… and some very powerful like my WA-5 that can power speakers if you want. This will take control of any headphones and get the most out of them.

Best thing. Go try a good headphone amp. They can be a real revelation.

@jim204  I have a P-750u as well. Yes, it is among the best. So is my Ampsandsound Nautilus. The Nautilus ought to be good, it weighs twice as much and costs twice as much (not that weight and cost are necessarily determinative of anything). 

@fsonicsmith1  I have been looking at your Nautilus and it certainly looks an impressive beast . Is it both single ended and balanced ? I am probably going to huff a few people here but I'm not a fan of valve equipment so each to their own I suppose. I do hope you enjoy yours. 

Being an SET design, by it's circuit design it can only be single ended. SET stands for single ended triode referring to not being push-pull. The two sound different in ways that are consistent with their respective designs. The Nautilus sounds purer, richer and less "processed", the Luxman has a characteristic house sound of a pleasant silky smoothness with great extension and evenness at the frequency extremes. They are both great. I would not get rid of either and if forced to, it would be very hard to give up one irrespective of money.