How Do You Live The Audiophile Life

I don’t really have the credentials to be on Audiogon. Kef Q150s and new NAD equipment that replaced my stalwart Arcam Solo. Maybe I can peek over the fence.
So I’ve have a question about the new equipment. I’m browsing the forums, looking for an answer. I know as much as about audio as anyone who isn’t an audiophile. But I was astonished at the number of brands I’d never heard of. And I know the price of the stuff I have heard of.
I’m in NYC. Maybe there’s five high-end dealers here. I’m guessing that number drops off quickly once you cross the Hudson.
This is a long winded way to ask how you live the audiophile life? How do you get access to this stuff? I’d want to hear something before dropping a car-like sum on it. Do you buy blind? Do you travel? Go to the industry shows? Help me, teach me, inform me.
I guess this question applies to speakers as well. Maybe more so. But I was in the amplifier section so . . .
I have friends that are audiophiles more interested in "sound" than they are music. For them, music is a means to an end, the end being improvements in the quality of the sound.

I am more interested in the music. I am an audiophile as a means to the end, the end being getting closer to the music. There are a lot of audiophile "qualities" of the sound that make the music more enjoyable, but the end-game is the music, not the sound.

So my suggestion is to find the equipment that meets your needs and don’t worry about scaling the mountain path of constant upgrades. If it’s sound, you will never reach the top. If it’s music, find what gives you the most enjoyment and enjoy the music.

Like one response said" enjoy the music' 
I think many audiophiles/ audiofools think or believe they have achieved the ability to reproduce the "Holy Grail' of fidelity.
Look up the definition of high fidelity. It is impossible to achieve that no matter how much you spend.

"If these people aren't buying stereos, who is?"
Malaysians? Japanese? They seem to be involved.
"What is Estoril Blue?"
Metallic (ish) blue color on some cars. I think BMW has it the most.