How do you perform a burn in on a tonearm cable?

I have an RB300, and I am upgrading the cable from the tonearm to the preamp. Should I change the internal tonearm wire also? Was the wire used in the Rega's good enough? What is the proper procedure to 'burn in' the new cable?
Bake at 450 for 35-45 minutes should do the trick.
Leave them in for an extra 10 minutes if you like them "well done."
I did this recently with my OL Silver mkii tonearm. See the 6moons article below for a diagram (scroll down to the bottom). In my case I just used some radio shack jumper cables and connected them between my receivers L/R preouts ICs and the tonearm wire clips. I then connected the tonearm RCAs into a line level input on my preamp. Finally, I just played cable radio station music via my reciever through the tonearm cable until I felt it was toasted enough. It worked like a charm!

Listening Impressions Round 2 – Using a CD Player Output to Burn In the Tonearm Cable
Origin Live says “Origin Live arms take a very long time to burn in their cables and do not sound anything like the final performance when first used. To speed up this process we offer the ‘burn in cable’ which speeds up the process enormously.” Origin Live recommends that you burn in the tonearm cable using the output of your CD player and the supplied burn-in cable for a minimum of 24 hours. Essentially you turn the tonearm cable into a high-level interconnect with voltage passing through it from the CD players output that is thousands of times greater than it will ever see from any phono cartridge.
You fellow members that do not believe in burning cables with a CC need to try it first and then pass judgement.

The "bake at 450" etc.. is old and worn out. So is "just play music". Real deep!

Any members that have tried the Audioharma CC with their cables and found it to be trash? Please let us hear from you.

Read what this says about siver cable burn in.
I think John Curl knows what he is talking about.