How do you prepare for a record show?

I have one coming in my area within a week.

I gone through many shows. At first I just attended. Later, I had some sort of idea as to what I wanted. Later again, I had become more aware of what might be accomplished by having a strategy.

So, given my enlightened history, and taking into consideration your thoughts, how do you currently approach an upcoming show?

One thing I do is limit my spending by having a certain amount brought with me.

I do think that now, I need to narrow things down to original pressings from the UK and the like... mono vs stereo..?
I make a short list of interesting items and, "stick to it".

Any other thought?

Slaw- it may be like asking a gambler how they 'win' but my experience is, if you go with a set list in mind, you will miss the jewels that are there. I collect certain UK pressings, and many of the shows in the States don't have the ones I'm after--but they have other things. One of the most successful collectors I know devotes the entire day of each show to culling through every bin- don't ask me how he has the patience for it. I get bored easily, and restless- I wanna go in, grab the goodies, and split. But, success, I think, involves patience, crate digging, and knowing that what you are finding in those bins that has value, musically, sonically, or commercially, whether or not it is on your shortlist. 
I don't know if you have the nerve to take this on,but i always arrive an hour to an hour and a half early and just walk in as the dealers are bringing in their records.I just walk in quickly like i belong there,that way i can scope out who has what and where it is and which is the best booth to start with.Set up a game plan.This is when the dealers are trading records with each other and going through each others stuff.It's easy to start up a conversation and get some intell on who might have what you are looking for.Just don't start pawing through records without the sellers ok,this will get you on the wrong side of where you want to be,understandably,they are looking out for guys like me who come in early to get the best deals,so you got to be cool.Something might fall in your lap,you never know.
     Just keep moving and be pleasant and you will definitely be unnoticed,if someone asks if you are a dealer just say you were helping someone bring in their stock.You can always slip back out and get in line with the riff raff.  
   Oh yeah,bring money,lots of money,
I take $100 cash out of the bank. When that’s gone, I go home. Sadly, some vendors have started to take plastic using those little swipe adaptors for iPhones. D’OH!!! Also, I take a sturdy shoulder bag that can hold a lot of LPs, a bottle of iced tea, and bandaids for when my cuticles get destroyed by flipping through record bins. I also take a pre-emptive dose of Naproxen (Alieve), since I will be bending, kneeling to browse the bins, some of which will be on the floor, and lifting to cary LPs. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. I leave my coat in the car. For some reason, record show venues are always very warm. If rain or snow is expected, bring plactic bags to cover any exposed LP jackets as you return to your car.
I've got lots of preparations before the record show:
1st I make sure my records are all marketable and clean
2nd I make sure I meet crowd demands and on top bring something cool and different from other record dealers
3rd I sort my records by either genre or alphabetical order or both. I'd usually have separate box for popular artists
4th I take enough cash change of singles and fives, but mostly my records are priced by multiple of $5. If I plan not to bring budget "floor" boxes, than I will only have change with 5 and 10$ bills. Therefore the name is "Take 5"
6: I'm not going to be in Clemmons, but will hopefully see NC audiogoners at Carrboro NC on April 3rd. So come and visit me and other dealers joining the show.