How do YOU set VTF on your Rega arm??

I'm curious as to how many people (on the non-250 arms) use the spring-loaded mechanism to set their VTF, and how many bypass it and use a scale and the counterweight (or Michell TecnoWeight). In other words, how many feel strongly about the 'spring' effect on the arm's sound? (or feel that Rega's notion that it helps track warped records is correct-if my understanding of their intention is correct
A simpler(?) explanation would be that the VTF spring acts on the back (counterweight) end of the arm. When set to "0", the spring is applying maximum force helping the counterweight to balance the arm. When the appropriate tracking force is dialed in, e.g."2", the spring force is released from the counterweight end allowing the cartridge end to become heavier by that amount. When the maximun tracking force is dialed in, the spring tension is totally released from the arm (along with any potential resonances). Rega's strategy of balancing the arm with the spring aiding the counterweight and then setting VTF by releasing spring tension is the opposite of most other manufacturer's strategies and everyone's common understanding, thus, the confusion.
I hope this helps.
I got the 250 to be done with it. When I had the 300 setting the dial to 3 and then using a scale to measure the tracking force was the best sound by far. More accurate and easier to duplicate. If curious about removing the spring, look for an old thread by me, asking about removal of spring. "Basement" audiogon member(if memory serves) tells how to remove it all together. ;)-~
Stingreen, you want to turn the VTF dial all the way up, if you want to disable the spring. Setting to 0 does not disable the spring.

And yes, this is how I set VTF...using a scale and with the spring disabled.