How do you steam clean vinyl LP's?

I've been thinking about purchasing a VPI 16.5 to clean my LP's, but I have read things here on A'gon about steam cleaning your LP's.

Steam makes sence to me, but how can you be sure it's not too hot, to where it might damage the vinyl?

Is there a machine that uses steam, and how does it work? Is there scrubbing, or any special solutions you use to combine with the steam? What dries the steam from the vinyl?

In advance, thanks!
There's a few threads on this subject,and a youtube video. Read them, experiment, and don't use your favorite records to practice on.
I am sure Harry will shortly come out with a unit that includes a steam component. For now, skip the VPI machine and get a $25 steam unit at Walmart. The YouTube video mentioned clearly shows how it is done. I've used steam for a long time and find it is an excellent solution. You do want to find the label cover device that is available on e-Bay from time to time, it prevents the label from being steamed off and is a handy way to actual hold the record without touching the groves. Enjoy the the music.
As the sole member of the "spend more time cleaning than listening to music" backlash, I advise you to purchase your VPI, do a thourough cleaning as recommended by VPI and you'll be listening to the record in approximately 2 minutes. Contrast this with putting on a scuba suit, steaming up the room, worrying about ruining the records and then being too tired to listen when it's all done. And you still really need a vacuum machine to get off all the water and grunge anyway.

Listen - If you want to join that crowd, be my guest. But there is an alternative. I will admit that, on an old, filthy basement, moldy record that you bought for $1 to play on your $30K system, steam will probably do a fantastic job of getting all the crap off. Fair enough. But on a normal record that someone has taken reasonable care of, it's a drudge. At least that's what I think. Best of luck to you and to us all for that matter.