How do you stop house guest from damaging your speakers?

Over the years I have had many adult guest coming to my house and curious about my speakers though I never mention to them I’m an audiophile. Most of the time they will lean close to the speaker, looking at the driver, maybe occasionally touching the cabinet or knocking on the cabinet. But in other times I’ve had guest touching drivers gently as well and I usually just tell them to stop to prevent them from damaging the driver when I see them doing that.

Yesterday I had a little sit down with a few guests and one of them wanted to play my Blade 2. Out of nowhere, while the music is playing he stood up and walked to the speaker and knocked on the side driver woofer and asked “are these speakers too?” It was probably 3 or 4 consecutive hard knock on the woofer while the woofer is playing, and you guys can already imagine my facial expression. I don’t want to blame the guest as the blade’s woofer doesn’t look like regular woofer and I can’t expect guests to have knowledge of how not to damage speakers, but man, that really hurts when I saw that happen.

I inspected the driver afterward and it seems like all is good and the driver survived. I don’t remember if I heard distortion while the music is playing but to my knowledge this would easily fall into the abuse category for an audiophile.

I’m wondering, do I attach a label to say do not touch on those drivers? Do I tell guests not to physically touch the speakers? 


No one ever gets close to the tubes....and my speakers have no removable covers.

The worst I've experienced is when a friend actually was paying attention when I remarked how loud my system can get.....he picked up the remote and cranked the volume. (My guns were unloaded and in their cases.)

Other than ear pain, no harm done.  However, I won't play it around that "friend" again, and I dang sure won't boast about that aspect of my system anymore!

Great post!  Except for my wife and a business partner, my audio room is off limits.  A quick test – mention an esoteric product name (not mass market) and observe the reaction.  Blank stare – keep close counsel and change the subject.

I have Magnepan 3.7i;s in my living room.  They are tan fabric with oak side panels.  A long time ago, I lost count of the number of women who saw them and commented to me, "What beautiful room screens."

Don’t have dipshi*ts house wit. 

many many years back, had 2 pair Polk ls90

left for a week, returned home to numerous blown, over driven drivers.

managed to save and make 1 good air , which I gifted to my cousin, a huge Polk fan, was ecstatic.


be careful who watches house.

played some Ganesha rap, with Polk ls90s, yup, destroyed them.


  Punk kids, eat a di*k


  nowadays, NO ONE, ….NO ONE WATCHES HOUSE, ONLY A CLOSE FRIEND, WHO I TRUST AND IS ALSO AN AUDIO GUY,, and has no parties and is responsible.  

  Cousin still enjoys the so 90 pair, which were a great speaker, and I miss them,




most my friends just listen, you always have the one moron,…….


now a days, all know do not touch, touching ones audio system is a no no.


other audio buds, k ow me, and I explain upon entering home, I ask, may I add a few clicks to volume? I’m respectful of audio gear. Most should be too