How do you stop house guest from damaging your speakers?

Over the years I have had many adult guest coming to my house and curious about my speakers though I never mention to them I’m an audiophile. Most of the time they will lean close to the speaker, looking at the driver, maybe occasionally touching the cabinet or knocking on the cabinet. But in other times I’ve had guest touching drivers gently as well and I usually just tell them to stop to prevent them from damaging the driver when I see them doing that.

Yesterday I had a little sit down with a few guests and one of them wanted to play my Blade 2. Out of nowhere, while the music is playing he stood up and walked to the speaker and knocked on the side driver woofer and asked “are these speakers too?” It was probably 3 or 4 consecutive hard knock on the woofer while the woofer is playing, and you guys can already imagine my facial expression. I don’t want to blame the guest as the blade’s woofer doesn’t look like regular woofer and I can’t expect guests to have knowledge of how not to damage speakers, but man, that really hurts when I saw that happen.

I inspected the driver afterward and it seems like all is good and the driver survived. I don’t remember if I heard distortion while the music is playing but to my knowledge this would easily fall into the abuse category for an audiophile.

I’m wondering, do I attach a label to say do not touch on those drivers? Do I tell guests not to physically touch the speakers? 


Put “Do Not Touch” tabletop sign(s) out near speakers with small print indicating any person(s)  not adhering to the “No Touch” policy assumes liability for any damages incurred!

An exposed loudspeaker dome is asking for it.

Especially when its a tweeter.

At the very least it’s being provocative.

Pushing buttons is something we’re all brought up to do.

A difficult habit to resist for most non audiophiles.

I’ve even heard some people say how much they want to push them in.

So, unless it’s protected by a wire mesh (great idea) you’re better off leaving the grille securely in place.

Especially when it’s a very expensive alloy dome.

Sometimes it’s good to take precautions, as I remind my nephew who refuses to get a case for his super slippery Samsung phone.

He’s on his 2nd screen now and that’s also broken.

Keep the grills on. If it’s an Adult tell them "please don’t touch anything it’s all very expensive" If it kids tell the parents to tell them leave the stuff alone if the room is able to be closed off do so lock the door.  Portable Dog gates also work well, seriously. Lastly tell the parents if your kid breaks anything you will have to pay and  it's going to be expensive , give them an example ...if the people or parents get miffed throw them T F O..