How do you store and catalog your vinyl?

Just curious how members store, sort and catalog their vinyl collection.
With less than a 1000 I have a hard time remembering just what I already own and have purchased duplicates by mistake whilst at the LRS.

How do you store them?
How do you sort them? Alphabetical or genre or year?
Catalog? In the good old days probably in a note book modern equivalent would be a word document or excel spreadsheet.

Very interested to hear what you do and how you manage that massive collection.
I've separated my albums and CDs into two broad categories, Jazz/Blues and then everything else (Soul, R&B, and soft Rock). I sort them by the first letter of the artist or group name.   I have about 1,200 albums - some of which I don't listen to much or not at all anymore.

I store the ones I listen to the most (about 400) on wooden album racks in my basement listening room.  The rest I store in plastic album holders that I bought back in the 70's and 80's, when I was growing my collection.  For easy access, I place those on home depot storage shelves in my basement utility room.  

I keep two of the plastic holders in my listening room to hold music that I rotate in and out of "bulk" storage.
The Ikea KALLAX is the best deal around. I like the EKET even more, but it’s cost-to-capacity ratio isn’t as good. It’s worth it to me.
  Personally I hate Ikea Kallax shelves - yes they are cheap and no doubt this is why they are so popular.  IMO, the shelves are too deep, not high enough,too many records are in each compartment making it quite heavy and you have to put your own back onto the shelves.

  I have been lucky to have my own design shelves made by my Uncle - for me they are perfect - the 3/4 high dividers release the weight strain of too may records and also allow you to easily flick through records.

my vinyl is sorted strictly A-Z except for Classical, Soundtracks and Various artists have their own small area.
  Discogs is used to catalogue my 95% of my collection.

@downunder, good point about the compartments in the Kallax being too wide, one reason I prefer the EKET. Each compartment in the EKET is 12-3/4" wide, still too much but acceptable. Owners of the Kallax have solved the problem of their excessive depth by installing a block inset into the back of each compartment. I also don’t like the Kallax’s open-back design, but a thin piece of plywood or melamine can be attached to the rear, closing it off.
My collection was about the size of yours when I started to organize it last year with Discogs. I got a couple of Kallax shelving units from IKEA and went to town. While organizing, I noticed two things: several records I thought I had I did not (lost in multiple moves, stolen, gotten rid of...) and I had a few records I had no idea how I got them. I quickly started culling and adding, all the while finally LISTENING to my records. Just hit 1500 this week, so beware.