How Do You Store Your Record Collection? Recommendations Please!

Greetings all,

I'm looking for a more elegant solution for my records. I currently use a a large deep wood bookshelf but have run out of space and the style is no longer produced by the company so need to figure something else out. Which got me wondering what most folks use to store their records.

Looking for recommendations. Ideally I'd like a manufacturer that's currently in business so I can add on more shelving/units as needed. 

Please share!

Also, has anyone tried any storage solutions from these folks? I like the aesthetic and being in a NYC apartment being able to attach to the wall is a big bonus.
IKEA Kallax - enough of them so that the vinyl isn't packed too closely together.  Only downside to it is that there are no backs to the units.  But otherwise cheap, not ugly and scalable.
IKEA Kallax. Glued it together with wood glue in addition to provided fasteners. Then, bolted the Kallax shelves to each other, and also bolted them to the walls. (Have them from floor to ceiling). Beautiful, 5yrs old, and still looks brand new, zero buckling nor bending, and shelves all packed to the brim.  
Somebody above recommended the LPBin 2. I use the LPBin3. I chose it for the wheels. I can move my collection easily to route cables. clean the floor, etc. 
The drawback is that it takes up a bit more room than sideways shelves and is quite tall, so shortys need not apply. I do love being able to flip through my collection like I was in a record store.

Kallax users: Any "poke through" problems? Had a couple of dowels pop through the laminate during assembly. Did I do something wrong?
I also have LPBin3 and very happy with it. Very solid build difficult to roll on carpet when it’s full. The build quality is ok, not great, but very reasonable cost. The nicer ones I looked at were either very expensive or too small for my collection