How does one get off the merry-go-round?

I'm interested in hearing from or about music lovers who have dropped out of the audio "hobby." I don't mean you were content with your system for 6 weeks. I mean, you stood pat for a long time, or--even better--you downsized...maybe got rid of your separates and got an integrated.

(I suppose if you did this, you probably aren't reading these forums any more.)

If this sounds like a cry for help, well, I dunno. Not really. I'm just curious. My thoughts have been running to things like integrated amps and small equipment racks and whatnot even as I continue to experiment and upgrade with vigor (I'm taking the room correction plunge, for example.) Just want to hear what people have to say on the subject.

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Stop subscribing to TAS, Stereophile, etc. It would seem that the guiding philosophy of these mags is "If it's new and expensive, get rid of your old, obsolete stuff and suck up your losses, and go into debt to get the latest "fave rave". There is no cure for this addiction, but cancelling your subscriptions might help!
I notice a couple of others 'dropped out' with their Quad speakers, and I myself accomplished all my audio goals with diplole speakers. I believe that is where 'true to the original' Nirvana is located.

The Quads, Maggies, and MartinLogan, etc. however have that spesky bass integration, and narrow 'sweet spot' problem. Issues that have successfully been resolved with an active EQ/XO open baffle system to complete satisfaction.

Check out: Siegfried is the man. Really.
I've done it.
I have the exact same system I've had for 3 yrs.
Sure,I wouldn't mind some new speakers.My k-horns are fine,I'm just bored with them.Lately,I've been lusting for
a pair of planars[accustats,eminent techs,maggies].I would to trade for a pair,but living in the weeds of Wisconsin I
don't think that will happen soon.I think that is what happens to most of us.Our gear sounds great,but we just get
"bored" with the sound of it.

I recently went from separates to a YBA integrated.

For me its the minimalist thing. Why spend more if you can do it for less; less clutter, less investment but same or even better quality of sound. With what's been happening here and around the world (terrorism, war, Asian severe accute respirtory syndrome etc...) its nice to go back to basics.

Simple, Quality systems that sound great.

Less Hype more music :)