How does the PS Audio Perfectwave Transport Stack up against the Esoteric P-03?

I am using a PS Audio PWT with my Aesthetix Pandora Signature DAC with great results. Can an Esoteric P-03 or other raise the performance level significantly? I have over 2,000 cd's and will always play them conventionally
in my main system. Put the disc in the transport and hit play...If not the Esoteric, what transport can take it to a new level?

Thanks for looking!

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Hello Jab,
My only point is you heard a multitude of components comprising a system. Under these circumstances it is not possible to isolate the contributions of an individual component (in this case the transport). How could this reliably be done?

No intention (or desire) to "one up" anyone. I listed the various DACs I heard just to illustrate that each had its own sound signature paired with the PWT. For an accurate comparison you’d need a direct A/B in the same system with the transports as the only variables. No intention for the  OP to be like me(he already has the PWT). I enthusiastically suggested the Jay Audio CD2 transport (which I don’t own).

Charles it's unfortunate you were the target of such a petty comment.Over the years I have appreciated your input and commentary on audio components.
Thank you for your kind comments. Occasionally one encounters a snarky attitude.  Fortunately most forum posters on this site are polite and just want to exchange knowledge and experiences with others. I believe that the overall decorum on Audiogon amongst members is good.