How does the Technics SL 1200 compare with....

other belt drive tables with comparable price tags? Specifically, the Music Hall
MMF 5, and the Rega p3. For arguements sake, lets say these items are all going to be placed on a three inch thick block of oak with vibrapods, and also have comparable cartridges and preamps. I really want to make a foray into vinyl, but for the life of me I just can't decide on a player. Any help would be much appreciated.
The 1200 is a superior table in all respects.

The P3 is a notch above entry level and it's still a Rega.

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in either product.
Johnnyb & Jmoog -
I was not as precise in my language as I ought to have been. The person I spoke to owned a Scout. He had the opportunity to audition at home a KAB mod'd. Technics table. He was very impressed with the Technics table. I didn't intend to imply he said it was sonically better than the Scout - more that with the Scout as a reference point he was still very impressed with the performance and value of the Technics and (given my budget in the ~$1000 range) thought I should consider one. 2 points he made specifically were about the quietness of the Technics (very black background might have been his exact words) and the twitchiness (my word) of the Scout in terms of set up and what appeared to be an ongoing need for adjustment. This conversation did follow however from my expressed interest in Rega and Music Hall tables (both of which his store carried). Hope that clarifies.
For what it's worth, I've owned a couple of direct drive tables of this genre/design -- a Technics SL-1800 fully manual with an ADC ZLM cartridge way back when and a Pioneer PL-600 (1981...regarded by most as a sort of "SL 1200 with a Pioneer label") using several cartridges over the span of 25 years, the last being a Shure V-15 IV. My parents still enjoy the SL-1800...The Pioneer finally bit the dust this Spring. I replaced it with a new MMF-5 with the stock Goldring cartridge. My subjective take on the whole experience has been that, while the aforementioned direct drive turntables certainly proved more than worth every penny in terms of longevity and in good (as in adequate to please a broad cross section of listeners) sound quality, the MMF-5 inhabits an entirely higher sonic plane. If it lasts half as long as my Pioneer PL-600 did, I'll consider it the best purchase of the bunch.
I just sold my P3 for a SL-1200MK2 and I am one happy camper! No speed stability issues and a rock solid sound. Can't go wrong - wish I had done this sooner! I have had the MMF-7 and Basis 1400 as well as several Pro-ject models and I can hoestly say that I am enjoying the Technics even more.

>>The Technics is no way an audiophile TT if you are the discerning kind.<<

Neither is the Rega by any means IMO. In fact Rega is basically an entry level product.

The Technics is clearly superior.....if you have the ability to discern the differences.