How does this forum feel about original house music and live DJing?

I see a lot of interesting and unique music tastes on this forum but I don't see much about my style of music. I wanted to post an example of one of my mixes to see if there were any fans of this genre here! Feel free to check it out if you like POV turntables!

Best of Baile Funk Mix:


This is not at all to my taste.  Never cared for techno, dance, rap, urban, any of that.  I prefer horns, strings, human voice, drums you actually hit, stuff like that.  Mostly things that would still work live with no electricity.  That said, I love electric guitar.  If this programming gets your blood pumping and provides you with an artistic outlet, then I am genuinely happy for you.  As for me, it just annoys me and makes me want to go somewhere else.

I don't have much EDM in my collection, but I do enjoy it if it's playing at places I am at. And I'm 72... 

Definitely a NOT in demand genre within the audio enthusiast crowd.

More of  20 something, event/club going, iPhone user demographic?

A repetitive/ predictable mix of sound effects to my ears.

There's a fan for everything.

This is very much in my wheelhouse, I regularly listen to many sub genres however my favorite is Drum and Bass.

As far as house music goes you can’t go wrong with the likes of Sasha, Digweed & Oakenfold. A particular favorite being ’Northen Exposure’ by Sasha and Digweed, an oldy but goldy.

From a D ’n’ B perspective pretty much all of LTJ Bukem’s stuff is great, the Earth albums being very good with some Jazz underpinnings ’Journey Inwards’ being a particular favorite. The live sets generally under the banner ’Progression Sessions’ much heavier and also fantastic, some of which I saw live albeit over 20 years ago now.

TBH. So many favorites in all of the sub genres to mention, but i regularly go back and listen to them.

If you want to give your sub a workout then I’d recommend Black Sun Empire and in particular The Wrong Room, its brutal.

Orb, Orbital, Kruder and Dorfmeister too many bands to mention.