How does Totem do it ???

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Long story short...after several years of playing the field I've found my field of the Forest! Totem Forest's that is. They love Krell amplification and a good CD player, but other than that and decent cables you got yourself a slice of heaven! How much heaven can be had for a system price of $6000...try comparing this system to what I've owned over the years:

Dunlavy SC-V's
Wilson watt/puppy 6's (twice)
B&W 801N
Totem Wind
Maggie 3.6
ML Prodigy

driven by:

Krell FPB 600 and 400CX with arc ls25 or refIImkII

Mark Levinson 334 and 336 with 380S, 32ref and 390S

BAT vkd5, vk5i


Wadia 860SE

Jinky's...I can't remmember all the gear. What I do know however is just how right the Totem speakers are with Krell driving them. I'm only using a Sony DVP999ES player and all Totem wires!! It's addictive the way Boston Symphony Hall is...simply beautifull to hear!

Anyone else have a similiar epiphany? By the way, the Krell400cxi is mind boggling...all the typical audiophile attributes with clarity and musicality beyond reproach! A steal at $2500 list!
I listened to them at a Canadian dealer early in 2004. I honestly don't recall what electronics were used (the amp could have been a Simaudio Moon W5 as a few months later I bought that amp from the same dealer, but that's just a guess).

I'm certainly no seasoned audiophile... it's only in the past year I've had the chance to listen to different gear (especially in my own home) and learned what a difference other components can make.

Based on the comments here, I'd like to go back and audition them again. I'm in Boston now and I see that one of the local dealers has a pair of Winds for sale here on Audiogon. Hmmm...

Anyway, didn't mean to come off as stubborn or anything... I was just remembering my perception (and disapointment) at the time I auditioned them.
Exactly Drubin!! As for Madfloyd, I almost bought the pair your talking about but I found a local pair..FYI, I had Goodwins talked down to $4450 on the Winds!
i have had many different pairs of totem speakers in the past (arros, model 1's, mani 2's) and currently have all mani 2's. totems produce amazing bass for the size of the speaker, it doesn't matter what speaker it is. take the arro, a 4" bass/mid driver. placed properly, it is amazing. with the other models, you need a good powerfull amp to do the speaker justice. the model 1 and mani 2 need at least a couple hundred watts with more in reserve (more would be better: like a classe 301/401 for example). also, it also matters what you are looking for in the bass dept. if you want home theater boom, look elsewhere. if you want clean single note, realistic bass, you'll like the totems. if you don't have a powerfull amp, the hawks and forest speaker are easier to drive.
good luck