How far and wide? NSMT speaker placement

Greetings, when I heard the NSMT's at Teajay's place they were like 15 feet or more from the front wall. He played Copeland's Fanfare for the Common man and holy smokes the drums were all the way behind the speaker to the wall which as mentioned was 15 feet or more (lovely post and beam house).  I have been playing with my speakers in my small place and when I got them to 34inches out into the room the depth changed for the good!  It was astounding.  I am going to move so I can have a larger room as this room is limiting my speaker placement ability. 

How far and wide have you found to work in your room?  Love to hear other's experience.




My room is not very big, 14’ x 16’.

My speakers are on the short wall, about 3.5 feet out, about 9 feet apart slightly towed in, I am about 8 feet back. I have acoustic panels in the critical spots in the room.

My speakers are Jeff Bagby’s "Kairos" monitors, sitting on a a pair of his "Kairos woofer modules". These are NOT subwoofers, they are designed to turn 2 way monitors into a 3 way system.

Kairos Kits

The Kairos, use SB Acoustics drivers, and besides incredible transient response, coherency, transparency, timbral accuracy, they are imaging and soundstage champs.

I get percussion from the back of the orchestra seemingly coming from 20+ feet behind the speakers, violins extending beyond the outside edge of the left speaker, and cellos and basses from beyond the outside of the right. The image and soundstage extend well beyond the walls of my listening room. 

It sounds about how it would sound form say, 12-15 rows back at Disney Hall.

I have chamber ensemble recordings, that have such an open soundstage, and a 3D image within that soundstage, that I can ’see’ each musician. It seems as if I could stand up from listening seat, and walk among the musicians in the soundstage.

These aren’t mine, but mine are not too dissimilar. Except I have not finished the woofer modules, they are bare MDF.


The Cardas guide to speaker placement is based on multipliers of the rooms width. Once the speakers are placed away from front and side walls according to the formula, form an equilateral triangle where, when seated, your ears are at the same distance from each speaker as the center of the speaker cones are from each other.

If you really want to dial everything in to your preferences, follow the instructions in this video:


5 or 6 feet out is not unusual. 15 feet out works for some speakers but not all.  

What model do you have?  I can remember reading Terry’s review of the Jamaica years ago and had thoughts of wanting to try them. I think the price, like everything else, has gone up quite a bit.