How far apart are your speakers

How far apart are your speakers from each other, and from your listening position. Do you consider it far-field or near-field?

For the first time, I have a large room, and have my speakers about 10 feet apart, and 15 feet from my listening chair. Its defnately far-field and I love it. It is more enjoyable than my previous near-field position. How about you?
Great question, I have a huge room with full range speakers, eggleston andras II and prior to that Thiel 3.6 and both manuals claim 10 feet or more. My preference is maximum 9 ft from center of each speaker. I find if you space them too far apart the tonality becomes compromised.

I have found that to be true in different rooms.
My speakers are 9 and a half feet apart and about 11 feet from the sweet spot. Most people use the equal triangle or 80% triangle method. There are many books on speaker sep up, thats the best way to start.
10ft apart, 4ft from back wall, 3ft from sidewalls, 11.5 listening position.