How far away from your speakers are you?

I thought it would be interesting to know how people position their speakers... do you have the freedom to put them where you want or do practicalities dictate?.. How far away are they from the listening position?.. How big's the room and how far away are they from boundary walls? My main speakers (Seas A26) are 1' from back wall, 3' from sides in a 14' by 20' room and my listening position is  about 16' from the speakers. Just wondering how much floor space we're willing to give up to get the optimum placement.
Speakers (Maggies) 6' from Front Wall. 7' Center to Center. 10' to Chair. Chair 4' from Back Wall. Toe to about 2' outside of shoulders. Measured with Tape. Sub 10 O'clock 4' outside of Left Front & level, and the other Sub 3 O'Clock. On right wall. Have another 20x14 Open space that adjoins with half wall and allows bass to escape. Still enjoy cutting lights off and tripping on the image.
I put them were they sound the best. With my Vandersteen’s, Richard supplies a chart and guidelines with various locations per your room and set-up. For the most part, I’m close to those recommendations. I have roughly a 12’-4” x 17’-6” room, the speakers on the short wall on either side of the fireplace, (I have diffusion panels over the fireplace opening when not in use), 3’ into the room (front face), about 3’-8” (inside face) from the side walls. About 9’ from my listening position.
I tweak them occasionally (can’t stop myself sometimes, but then usually get put back on the prior marks), but they remain in that general position. 

But really, it’s where they sound best to me (and goodness knows I’ve tried many locations) provide the best soundstage width and depth (very important to me) and imaging between and beyond. But of course, we can’t fix poorly recorded albums. 

I’m single, it’s my living room, so can and will do what I want, within reason. As an architectural designer, of course I think of aesthetics as well, but the sound over-rides what may offend others.
I put them where they would not be in the way, about 20-30cm from the wall and maybe 2 m between their tweeters. If I ever sat down to listen to them, it would be at about 2 m from each speaker. However, I virtually never do it. I do not think I turned them on in weeks.

The speaker I really listen to is a Bluetooth speaker. Wherever it fits at that moment.