How good? - Dared Mc-7p Tube preamp w phono

I'm considering a new or used tube preamp for <$1000.
Remote and phono section not required but OK if unit has it. Preference is slightly warm versus analytical.
Other preamps considiered are
VTL 2.5,
Juicy Music Peach

Of what little I've read on this Dared preamp it's been very positive.

Anyone with experiences regarding the Dared please offer your opinion.
Thank you!!!
Did you ever end up buying the Dared MC-7P preamp? Curious what you thought of them, if you have more info now.


I'm looking for help with finding the values of two resistors in my Dared MC-7P.  They are resistors R35 and R36.  Because they have been damaged, I can no longer determine the color coding.  If anyone can help by looking at their own unit or sharing a schematic it would be very much appreciated.